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Not only does Villa Grove have a great local school system, but we're within easy driving distance of a great community college, a fantastic regional University, as well as a world-renowned Big Ten University. All three college-level institutions are readily accessible from the town-lane highway that runs through town.

Villa Grove Schools is our great local school system, located right here in town. Our local school was built in 1937 and the new addition, including our gym, was added in 1964. Our school serves grades K-12, and usually has 2 or 3 classrooms per grade level. We have a sports cooperative with Heritage high school in Broadlands so that together we can compete with larger schools. Our school offers a building and trades program where students build a new house right here in town every several years. They also undertake other projects, such as building picnic benches for the city parks. Dr. Manos, our Superintendent, is one of the best in the business and is truly a wonderful asset to our learning environment. Our school prepares kids not just for college, but life in general.

Eastern Illinois University is located about a half-hour south of Villa Grove, in Charleston Illinois. Eastern has both undergraduate and graduate programs, with just under 10,000 undergraduate students, and about 1,700 students in graduate studies. The University is made up of the College of Arts & Humanities, the College of Business & Applied Sciences, the College of Education & Professional Studies, and the College of Sciences. Other academic divisions include the Graduate School, Honors College, and School of Continuing Education. The University has 12 on-campus residence halls , 4 residence dining halls, as well as the University Food Court that has 5 fast food locations to choose from. EIU participates in NCAA Division 1 in the Ohio Valley Conference and fields teams in Football and Basketball, as well as many other popular sports. Eastern Illinois University offers over 150 student organizations. The school's daily newspaper is The Daily Eastern News.

The University of Illinois is located about a half-hour north of Villa Grove, in the twin cities of Urbana-Champaign. The main research and academic facilities are divided almost evenly between the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign. The College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences' research fields stretch south from Urbana and Champaign into Savoy and Champaign County. The university maintains formal gardens and a conference center in nearby Monticello at Allerton Park. U of I is one of the few educational institutions to own an airport. Four main quads compose the center of the university and are arranged from north to south. The Beckman Quadrangle and the John Bardeen Quadrangle occupy the center of the Engineering Campus. The Beckman Quadrangle is primarily composed of research units and laboratories, and features a large solar calendar consisting of an obelisk and several copper fountains. The Main Quadrangle and South Quadrangle follow immediately after the John Bardeen Quad. The former makes up a large part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences portion of the campus, while the latter comprises many of the buildings of the College of ACES spread across the campus map.

Parkland College confers the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Fine Arts, Associate in Engineering Science, Associate in Applied Science, and Associate in General Studies degrees.Today, approximately 18,000 students enroll in Parkland College credit and noncredit courses annually. More than 100 degree and certificate programs of study are available, leading students to career and job placement or to educational transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Students also take advantage of Parkland's distance education in the form of online courses and interactive telecourses. To assist students with success in college, Parkland provides numerous academic support services and resources. Its Center for Academic Success (CAS), a one-stop learning center, offers peer tutoring, a writing lab, math faculty tutoring, an academic development lab for students requiring pre-college-level coursework, developmental learning modules, and study skills tutorials. The Parkland College library holds a collection of over 120,000 volumes; its materials respond to college curricular/academic program needs as well as to the personal enrichment and lifelong learning needs of the college communities. In conjunction with the college's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, the Library also administers SPARK: Scholarship at Parkland, the school's digital institutional repository.